ChaskaNorte Benefits   ~

Unique Investment- in your health and well being.  A Rare Opportunity for Lovers of Nature

 You will have a beautiful earth canvas.

Do it for the Health of it!

It’s worth it for the health benefits alone- to live longer and feel good.

Health Assurance

Exercise- easily and joyfully outside while watching and playing with Nature.

Walking up and down is the steep terrain is great!  It balances out left and right brain. It will keep us young and help keep our mind strong and brain healthy.

You  will want to walk up and down because you will be so interested in what is going on.

Or- you can use an ATV- which is so FUN!

Star’s Pony

Hike the over 3 miles of trails for a great cardiovascular workout, and to connect with Nature.

There is also the multidimensional labyrinth to walk, which shifts energy for ourselves/the land/ and the planet.

chaskanorte_11 (1)

There are over 50 stations for meditation and contemplation. Some with swings and hammocks.

IMG_0502 (3)

You will easily get your 10,000 steps a day communing in beauty.

Sun- that natural source of vitamin D that we all seem to need more of these days. Sun is important. I’m a heliovore. (I just heard that word and liked it).

Everything Grows

Feed ourselves well- eat fresh, real food, grown in healthy soil, all of the time.

Great virgin soil!!

(fruits, nuts, veggies, seeds, greens~ wild and cultivated)

Avocados! Nearly everyone loves avocados, and they are SO HEALTHY! There is an abundant supply so there are always avocados. Over 200 trees. There is always something to eat on the land. How cool is that? It would be impossible to starve there. No need to store food for a catastrophic event. (and sometimes fasting can be good)    It would goo to have some back up water tanks- and also harvest water.  (permaculture)

And lemons. I love lemons, so have planted a lot of them, as well as all the other citrus.

As I write this there is an abundance of mandarins.


There are at least 100 fruit trees besides the avos.

Flowers! You can pick flowers and have an arrangement any time. There is always something blooming. Sometimes more than others, and you will always find something wonderful. Always.  (see the flower video in “photos”)

There is the service piece, that you will be doing service to the land, as well as to ourselves and each other.  Planting trees creates more oxygen.  They also provide shade, which helps with climate change.

Even more benefits!

In addition to all of this there great potential to actually get a good economic return on your investment as well.  (see potential)

And there is the fun factor. Priceless.



Enjoy random acts of Nature

Nature rejuvenates our soul.

It’s a wonderful and expansive phenomenonnto be in Nature. Our brain chemistry actually changes when we are outdoors.

Enjoy the wild life- coyotes, bobcats, raccoons, rabbits, lizards, hawks, owls, so many birds- even eagles and condors, and whoever else shows up.

IMG_4677    IMG_1184.JPG - Version 2

Own a piece of the Rock ~ a true health club. Private, gated….

A full sized trampoline..

Beauty Love Harmony Sacredness

A Natural temple of rejuvenation and delight. Treat yourself, and ReTreat.

Create something sustainable and natural to pass on… a legacy.

And have our own special sunrise, moonrise spot.

To reiterate:

over 50 contemplation stations, the labyrinth, always something fresh and healthy to eat and always a bouquet.  Flowers, fresh herbs, miles of trails, fabulous sunrises and moon rises, and a short walk to see the sunset over the ocean. Stargazing, fire pit, swings, trampoline,  food food food. Super foods like Moringa, Gynostema and Hoan Ngoc. (really, everything grows) What do you love to eat? Plant more of it.

An earth canvas.

A good investment all the way around.


Health and well being ~ living longer, feeling great!