Chaska Norte Possibilities for producing income

(and I’m sure there are many many more!)

The land has the potential to pay for itself.

while also getting fabulous benefits of eating well and playing in Nature.  Better than health insurance is health assurance….

I feel it’s a better place to put your money (if you have any) than stocks and things like that. If things go crazy, or if your stocks and bonds go down in value you have nothing but worthless paper.  Not enough for a fire. If you invest in the land  at least  you have a place to have a picnic… (and the food for the picnic)

A few ideas for potential income:

and I know there are many more ~

The established avocado orchard has potential to create income.  Next year should have a worthy crop from the nearly 200 trees.

Other fruits for sale (persimmons grow really well, and so does citrus)  Actually, everything grows!

Grow flowers for sale – like protea- and others (and of course have flowers for pleasure)

Grow Herbs for sale  (they grow really well, see list of what is already planted)

Teas- from Natives and cultivated herbs,

Super foods, like Moringa, Gynostemma,  Hoan Ngoc, and pine pollen (all of which are already growing, in small amounts)





Making soaps and other products.

distilling essential oils.

Native plant Nursery-  You can make cuttings from 100’s of plants that are already planted, plus the Natives, to resell.

Leasing out part of the land for farming

There are also House, guesthouse, caretaker cottage…possibilities

and Barns, and more Ag buildings….